May 25, 1917 - Happy Birthday Father Hesburgh!

Father HesburghToday Father Hesburgh celebrates his 95th birthday and he's spending it doing what he enjoys most, fishing. Born in Syracuse, NY in 1917, young Hesburgh first came to Notre Dame in 1934 and headed to the Gregorian University in Rome before he could finish his degree at Notre Dame. In 1952, Father Hesburgh became the 15th President of Notre Dame and he would serve longer than any other president before and since.

Father HesburghDuring his 35 years as president, Father Hesburgh admitted the first women students in 1972. As president, he was involved in many boards outside of the university and the popular joke asked "Where is Father Hesburgh? Anywhere but Notre Dame." But in reality, he would do all his travels (working as the Holy See diplomat at the International Atomic Energy Agency) and then return to Notre Dame working late into the night, frequently until 2 or 3am. He stepped down in 1987 which began a year of travel with Father Joyce. The two saw the entire world and detailed their travels in their book Travels with Ted and Ned.

Father Hesburgh and President EisenhowerFather Hesburgh recapped his time as president and his early life in his autobiography God, Country, Notre Dame. Beyond being Notre Dame's President, Father Hesburgh has worked and met with every United States President since Eisenhower. He chaired many civil rights commissions, standing arm-in-arm with Martin Luther King Jr. Many honors have been bestowed upon him including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

Father Hesburgh is the oldest living Holy Cross priest in the United States. He still works from his office in the Hesburgh Library. Fellow Holy Cross priests, Father Austin Collins and Father Paul Doyle, assist him around campus and are frequent dinner partners around town.

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