June 1, 1987 - Fr. Hesburgh steps down as president

Father Hesburgh and Father JoyceAfter 35 years as president of Notre Dame, Father Theodore Hesburgh steps down at the age of 70. Father Hesburgh was succeeded by Father Edward "Monk" Malloy. When Father Hesburgh and his vice president Father Joyce ended their reign, longer than any other president, the two took a ceremonious scooter ride around campus. Following the scooter ride, they reentered the Main Building and then exited out the back to the circle by Lewis Hall.

Upon exiting, Fathers Hesburgh and Joyce were greeted with a motor-home towing a jeep. They were planning on departing on the first leg of their year long sabbatical. Their plan was to drive west and visit many of the National Parks and go as far as Alaska and back. Many on campus bet they would not make it out of the state, lest past Gary.

Hesburgh and Joyce made it to Illinois and all the way to Alaska. Once their stateside tour was finished, they continued their trip by visiting every other continent in the world. Their journeys are detailed in the book Travels with Ted & Ned.

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