June 6, 1843 - Reinforcements set sail

Father Sorin arrived at Notre Dame with more Irishmen than Frenchmen in November and would later be joined with the remainder of his original traveling crew that February. After writing several letters back to France, Father Sorin arranged for more members of the Holy Cross community to come to Notre Dame as well. Today, the second group of french natives set sail for the Western World.

The group consisted of three priests, one brother, and four sisters. Father Francis Cointet led the group, joined by Father Marivault and Father Gouesse. Father Cointet would become one of most renown members of the Congregation of Holy Cross. It was rumored that between Father Sorin and Father Cointet there were only one pair of boots and one hat, a display of their poverty and simplicity. If one was seen wearing the hat doing mission work, then it was obvious the other was still at the college.

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