June 8, 1957 - First College World Series appearance

By Olson

Editor's Note: This is Part 1 of a four part series over the coming weekend.

1957- The Irish Baseball team achieved its best ever finish in the College World Series.

The Starters for the 57 Irish:

  • C Elmer Kohort-1st team All American, hit .348
  • 1B Jim Cusack-Irish Captain from Peoria Spalding Institute,son Pat played fb at ND
  • 2B Eddie Hurley-son of famed MLB Umpire Ed Hurley (remember Eddie Gaedel?)
  • SS James Carideo-nephew of ND QB great Frank Carideo who won 2 National Championships at ND
  • 3B Steve Johnson-replaced Morris at 3b late in the season
  • LF Bob Senecal-who played HB on the 54 Irish Frosh Football team
  • CF Gene Duffy-also the starting point guard on the ND basketball team
  • RF Jim Morris-one of only 18 frosh football recruits in 1954
  • P Tom Bujnowski-won 7 games in 57, 1.56 ERA
  • P Chuck Symeon-was 4-1 for the season

The 57 World Series started badly for the Irish. ND lost their first game in ten innings to Iowa St 13-8.

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