June 20, 1883 - Corner stone of Science Hall laid

As the University was rebuilding following the fire and expanding its courses of study, the need came for proper lab space in the recently expanding science courses. Today, the Right Rev. John A. Watterson, Bishop of Colombus, laid the corner stone for the new science building. This building, situated just southeast of Washington Hall, was considered by many as the most beautiful of all the college buildings with the severe simplicity of its Greek architecture. During his address, Bishop Watterson discussed the importance for a religious institution to question the natural sciences. The goal was not to disprove the existence of God but rather to find the goodness and greatness of God in all things.

Once completed, Science Hall was divided into two departments with laboratories and lecture rooms along with all the necessary chemicals, specimens, tools, etc. Science Hall still stands today, but you may know it as LaFortune Hall. Next time you are going in and out of the building, look above the doors to notice the original science decorations.

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