August 30, 1986 - NFL Preseason Bears v Bills @ ND Stadium

With the NFL regular season under way, the defending champion Chicago Bears faced off against the Buffalo Bills at Notre Dame Stadium in their final preseason game. Jim McMahon started for the Bears opposite the Bills' prize pickup - Jim Kelly. Kelly was making his NFL debut after being acquired from Houston in the United States Football League for $8M.

Over 50,000 fans filed into Notre Dame Stadium for a game not featuring Notre Dame. The game itself was sloppy. The Bills took a 14-0 lead before a questionable pass interference call led to a Bears touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff, confusion between the Bills' receivers led to the Bears pouncing on the ball and scoring another touchdown. Take those two quick scores away and the final score would have read 17-17, which is more representative of how the rest of the game went.

But, every touchdown counted and the Bears won in Notre Dame Stadium 31-17 against the Buffalo Bills.

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