November 18, 2012 - God Made Notre Dame #1

Grace Hall Number OneWhat a long 18 years 11 months 30 days or 6,939 days or 317 weeks of polling it's been. But Notre Dame football has returned to being the #1 team after going 11-0 with one game remaining. Once it was clear Notre Dame would be ranked #1, students flocked to Stonehenge to celebrate. Notre Dame football now ranks #1 on the field and in the classroom, proving that winning can be done the right way. While Grace Hall has been lit up before for various teams (women's basketball, women's soccer, fencing, hockey, lacrosse) it is now lit again for football.

Grace Hall Number One Dome ViewWhat else was happening on November 14, 1993?

  • Bill Clinton was President
  • Mrs. Doubtfire was about to be released and the #1 movie was The Three Musketeers
  • X-Files was the number one show on TV
  • A gallon of gas cost $1.16
  • A first class stamp cost 29
  • The #1 song was "I Would Do Anything For Love" by Meat Loaf
  • Microsoft just released Windows 3.11

Notre Dame has played 77 games ranked #1, compiling a 62-12-3 record (0.825). This will be the 8th time Notre Dame has played Southern Cal while ranked #1. Notre Dame is 5-2-0 in those prior seven meetings. Further, Notre Dame is 13-6-1 when meeting Southern Cal while undefeated. The last time a #1 undefeated Notre Dame traveled out to the Coliseum was 1988 when #1 ND defeated #2 SC 27-10, while leaving Ricky Watters and Tony Brooks in South Bend (aside: the UCLA player that delivered the knockout blow on Matt Barkley is Anthony Barr, Tony Brooks' son). Unlike many of those other years, Southern Cal is unranked. But this situation has happened once before during Ara's first season when 9-0-0 and #1 ND traveled out to SC. The message from that game? We need to play a full 60 minutes. A 9.75-0.25-0 record won't do anything. Remember USC

Now only one thing remains:

And with a quick look back on how we got here.

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Posted On: 2012-11-20 06:09:55 by IrishTrpt07


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   Posted By: Lauren at 2013-07-24 08:22:14[#2]
Where did you find the image of the #1 sign and the dome? Looking everywhere for it to have it printed and framed for my boyfriend. Thanks!
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   Posted By: Swinger at 2012-11-20 10:26:04[#1]
The X-Files is still #1 on my Netflix
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