November 27, 2012 - While We Wait

We Will Wonder Who We Will Wax When We play them in Miami. (Yes that last sentence started with 12 W words.)

#1 Notre Dame has one game remaining on their quest for a 12th national championship and currently awaiting to see who they will play. In the mean time, we will spend the next twelve days recapping the undefeated season. We'll go from Dublin to Los Angeles (a distance of 5,157.77 miles) and every where in between. In the meantime, read this well written article (that actually looks at stats and facts).

Update: Here is another very well written article championing Notre Dame for being the double #1: on the field and in the classroom. Something the NCAA should be campaigning (but that would mean they need to raise standards else where). Tuesday Morning Quaterback - and surprisingly yes, this is a good ESPN article.

Keywords: football, number one, national championship, dublin, los angeles, miami, graduation rate

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