November 10, 1928 - History of Notre Dame's Junior Varisty Team

By Olson

Editor Note: For the rest of the month, we are going to feature a series on the history of Notre Dame's Junior Varsity Football Team and highlight some of the Freshman Football games. We hope you enjoy!

In the 1920s Rockne had so many players out for the varsity (over 200 many years) that he not only set up a 'B' team for the reserves but also many times a 'C' Team. On quite a few occasions these ND 'B' and 'C' teams played games on the same day in different cities.

The Notre Dame 'B' team was NOT the freshmen team. The ND 'B' team was made up of varsity reserves - mostly sophomores and juniors.

From time to time, Rockne would combine the best players from the B and C squads for a game ('the pick of the reserves' the 1928 ND Football Review called it). The 1928 General Motors game was one such 'combined' squad game. In fact when the two reserves squads were 'combined' for games these groups of varsity reserves were undefeated from 1925 through 1930 (Rockne's last year as head coach).

On November 10, 1928, a combined squad had defeated Northwestern 'B' team 31-0, with Irish sophomore fullback 'Jumpin Joe' Savoldi scoring 4 tds. The Notre Dame 'B' team traveled to Flint, Mich. to play a team made up of General Motors employees (Semi-Pro?). Semi-Pro or not, the GM team couldn't handle the ND reserves. The Irish substitutes won easily 34-0.

When the squads were separate, the results were mixed. The week before the General Motors victory the Irish 'B' team stayed home and defeated Minnesota 'B's 24-0 while the ND 'C' team lost at Iowa 0-13.

Once in 1929, the Irish reserves actually split into 3 teams, and on the same day beat Northwestern 12-0, lost to Wisconsin 6-10, and beat Valparaiso 46-3.

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