November 9, 1929 - A First and A Last

By Olson

The 1929 Irish 'B' and 'C' squads accomplished a 'last' and a 'first' in ND football history-both on the same day.

While the ND Varsity was beating Drake in Soldier Field Chicago (the varsity played all of their games on the road that year while ND Stadium was being built), the ND 'B' team played the very last game in old Cartier Field - winning over Iowa 'B's 7-0.

That night the ND 'C' team traveled to Muncie, Ind to play the very first night game by a Notre Dame football squad (long before the Varsity played their first night game against Detroit in 1951). The 'C's defeated Ball Teachers College under the lights 81-6.

The fifth night football game played by the Irish 'B' team came a few years later in Lubbock, Texas ('under the flood lights'). The opponent was the Texas Tech Varsity. Texas Tech won 39-0 and yes, Texas Tech counted the game as a Varsity win in their 10-2 season!

Also of interest from that Lubbock game was the play of Texas Tech HB Ed McKeever who was even mentioned in the ND Scholastic Magazine write-up on the game-'...consistent plunging of McKeever, right half back...". The reason that I found this interesting was that McKeever was a transfer from ND (ND frosh class of 1930) and later an assistant for the Irish, and finally the head football coach at ND in 1944 when Leahy went off to war.

Editor's Note: For those left wondering, the varsity team beat Drake 19-7 to improve to (6-0) on the season.

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   Posted By: olson at 2016-11-09 21:08:27[#2]
the above post should read:

\'Rockne did not travel with the ND varsity to Chicago,but instead of staying in bed (as ordered), Rock attended the ND \'B\' game at Cartier Field vs Iowa
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   Posted By: olson at 2016-11-09 21:02:08[#1]
Rockne did not attend the varsity game vs Drake in Soldier Field in \'29. He was ordered by his doctors to stay home & rest.

Rock obeyed his doctors....kind of...he did not travel with the varsity to Chicago, but instead stayed in bed, he watched the ND \'B\' squad defeat Iowa\'s B team 7-0
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