October 12, 1935 - JV Football Through the '30s and '40s

By Olson

The Irish 'B' squad played other varsity teams during the 1930s: beating the U of Buffalo varsity 33-6 in '31 and Niagara U in '35 by a 25-12 score. My favorite though was when the ND 'B' squad travelled to Little Rock, Ark in 1935 to take on the Ouachita U. Fighting Baptists.

Final score: Fighting Irish 25 Fighting Baptists 0

By the early 40s the 'B' games ended with the war years and manpower shortages. but resumed again in 1946. The 1946 Irish 'B' team lost to Michigan St 'B's 13-21 despite the play of Irish FB Joe Yonto who scored both ND tds (Joe's best day in an Irish uniform). It was said that Coach Leahy was none too pleased with 'B' Coach Bill Early for the loss.

But Early got a chance for redemption a month later when the two 'B' teams met again. This time the ND squad beat the Spartan B 38-13 with freshmen HB Larry Courte (freshman played on the B squad in 1946 and '47) running 80 yds for one score and returning a kick 78 for another. Jack Connor (brother of George) returned a interception 60 yds for a td in that contest. Yonto unfortunately didn't play-having broken his leg badly in practice between the two Spartan games when tackled by AA George Connor.(Yonto became an student assistant coach the next year and a future career was born for this great Irish assistant coach).

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