October 6, 1935 - Jake Kline coaches the JV Squad

By Olson

The Notre Dame 'B' team were the varsity reserves, also known as the 'Hamburgers'(a name given to them by Rockne). Until after WWII the freshmen did not play on the ND 'B' teams. The teams were mostly made up of sophomores.

1935: ND 'B' 25 Niagara U. Varsity 12 @ Niagara

The Irish played Niagara in front of a crowd of over 6,000. (NOTE: the Irish 'B' team had lost to Niagara the year before ('34), also at Niagara) The excerpt below could be referring to either of the Niagara games (although the one the Irish lost seems more likely)-the authors may not have known that there were two different games when they wrote this:

From the book 'Out of Bounds':

"The players sat in a nervous circle and stared at the floor. Sure, they were only the B team playing Niagara in a game no one would ever care about. Still, they were from Notre Dame. For many it was their first game for Coach Jake Kline. The players wondered what kind of pep talk we would give. They had gone to Notre Dame with visions of a Rockne-like coach urging them forward.........The players waited. The door opened. Coach Jake Kline stuck his head in. 'Okay,' he said, 'everyone thane that last nervous piss and get out there.' "

Sometime after 1935-in the late '30s

Notre Dame B vs Miami Fla. B in Miami (final score unknown)-same day that the ND Varsity played Army at Yankee Stadium. Story also from 'Out of Bounds':

".....during a 'B' game at Miami, as Notre Dame took the field to start the second half, (ND Coach) Jake (Kline) was approached by an opposing coach, 'Give them a big pep talk?' asked the Miami mentor. 'Naw,' Jake admitted, 'I couldn't get a word in. They were all listening to the Army-Notre Dame game on the radio."

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