October 18, 1930 - JV Plays Under the Lights Again

By Olson

1930 ND 'B' 13 Duquense Freshman 7 (night game at Forbes Field Pittsburgh)

The Irish 'B' played the Duquense frosh 'under the blinding floodlights of Forbes Field (from the 1930 Official Notre Dame Football Review). What is fascinating about this night game is the fact that Forbes Field was also the home of the MLB Pittsburgh Pirates, and it would be another decade (June 1940) before the Pirates would play the first night baseball game at Forbes.

This game was noted for being a punting dual between the two teams-with the football lost during the punts in the 'blinding lights' or sometimes even rising above those lights into the darkness. Steve Banas was the punting star for the Irish.

With the home team wearing whites, a regular brown football was used. Opposed to a white football which was more typically used at night to contrast against the dark jerseys while being carried.

The Notre Dame 'B' team would play a total of five night games in four years:

  • One in 1929 - Ball Teachers in Muncie, Ind
  • Two in 1930 - Duquense frosh in Forbes Field and St Viator in Kankakee, Ill.
  • One in 1931 - Kalamazoo in Kalamazoo, Mich
  • One in 1932 - Texas Tech Varsity in Lubbock, Texas

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