November 27, 1930 - A Feast on Thanksgiving

By Olson

This game was played in Nashville on Thanksgiving Day. It was the last 'B' game of the 1930 season, hence the last 'B' game played while Knute Rockne ran the ND Football program (he died in a plane crash a few months later).

This would be the first time the ND and Vanderbilt ever met on the football field. They wouldn't meet again until 1995- when the varsity teams played. It is possible that Rockne had set up the '30 encounter as a prelude to a future varsity matchup-but he wasn't around to see it through. Of course it simply could be that after a 58-0 whipping by the Irish 'Hamburger' squad, Vandy wanted nothing to do with the Irish Varsity.

The Irish 'B' team finished a fine 7-1 for the '30 season. The only loss was to Wisconsin 'B' 26-19 on a day when the Irish Bs split into two teams (beating Northwestern B team in the other game that same day). The loss was the only loss of the season by a Notre Dame football team-the varsity went undefeated and won the National Championship.

As mentioned in previous posts on the topic of ND 'B' teams, the Irish reserves were undefeated from 1925 through 1930 when they played at 'full strength' - i.e. hadn't divided the team to play two or sometimes even three different games in a single day in different cities.

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Posted On: 2013-02-12 00:15:10 by Olson


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