November 3, 1916 - The Gipper Makes An Appearance

By Olson

1916 vs St. Ambrose WON 10-7

This game was famous for one reason - the Gipper. This was the first game of the 1916 season for the freshmen - and the first ever appearance by George Gipp in a Notre Dame uniform.

With the score tied 7-7, ND freshmen football coach Freeman Fitzgerald inserted Gipp for the first time in his ND career early in the 3rd Quarter. Soon thereafter Gipp drop kicked a winning FG in a 10-7 victory.

This kick was considerably shorter than the Gipper's famous 62 yarder - which would occur in the very next contest.

Keywords: freshman football, george gipp, the gipper, st ambrose, freeman fitzgerald

Posted On: 2013-02-15 00:15:05 by Olson


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