October 4, 1924 - Another Victory Against Western State

By Olson

1924 vs Western State Normal Varsity WON 15-7

The Notre Dame freshmen team beat the WSN varsity 15-7 after previous ND frosh teams had lost 5 straight times to WSN. The Irish frosh were led to victory by the running of HB Christie Flanagan (Port Arthur, Tex), and the defensive play of John 'Clipper' Smith (Hartford, Ct) and Chile Walsh (Hollywood, Cal-and little brother of varsity center Adam).

The whole WSN series with the frosh was a strange one. First, there was the Gipper FG in 1916. Then the WSN varsity pounded the ND freshmen the next two years by a combined score of 122-0. Feeling pretty good about themselves, Western then switched from playing the ND frosh to scheduling the Irish varsity. Bad idea. WSN lost to the ND varsity 53-0 in 1919 and 42-0 in 1920. So WSN got smart and went back to scheduling the Irish frosh again. After WSN won 3 more times against the Irish frosh, ND finally broke through with this 1924 victory.

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   Posted By: olson at 2015-10-04 06:43:18[#1]

Christy Flanigan did not play in that 1924 frosh game-in fact he was a soph. at ND who did not go out for football that season!

The key runningbacks for the 1924 ND Frosh were:

FB Fred Collins Portland, Ore.
HB Jack Chevigny Hammond, Ind
HB/FB Ed Walsh Meriden, Ct
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