October 22, 1966 - Early Domination for the Freshman

By Olson

1966 vs PITT Frosh (H) WON 29-0

This was the first time that DT Mike McCoy and LB Bob Olson ever appeared in an ND uniform(the frosh game against MSU was later in the season. This game also featured touted frosh LBer Vito Rancancelli (a Parade AA) who would blow his knee out in his sophomore year and never reach the stardom expected).

McCoy, Olson and Rancancelli didn't disappoint. PITT had a total of 65 yards in offense and 6 first downs for the day. The hero of the later MSU game, Ed Zeigler ran for 3 tds and another Parade AA. FB Tom Nash led the Irish in rushing with 87 yds. Don Reid (later a starting safety on the varsity) QBed the Irish.

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