November 7, 1949 - One Game in Two Stadiums

By Olson

Easily the strangest game of the Notre Dame 'B' teams occurred in 1949. On that day, the Notre Dame 'B' team started a game against the Purdue 'B' Squad at Cartier practice field. But the game was stopped and moved across to ND Stadium for the remainder because of the size of the crowd!

In that game, 26 year old senior QB George Dickson threw two td passes to lead the Irish to a 27-20 victory. At halftime, Purdue led 13-7 on what was described as "a questionable touchdown". Dickson scored the winning touchdown on a bootleg play.

Later in a return match at Purdue, QB Dickson threw two more td passes in a 13-7 Irish win.

Briefly on George Dickson: he was a freshman QB at ND in 1940. Dickson went off to war-101st Airborne (just like the 'Band of Brothers' of HBO fame.) He jumped into France the night before D Day and later suffered through the Battle of the Bulge. George was awarded the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. After returning to ND and graduating in 1950, Dickson was an assistant at ND (Hornung's QB coach) and much later was on Vince Lombardi's Washington Redskin staff.

The 'B' teams seem to fade after the 1951 season. Freshmen became eligible for the varsity with the Korean war underway, and that may have been the reason.

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