November 3, 1951 - The First Meeting with Tennessee

By Olson

In 1951 the Irish Bs in one of 3 games got pounded by the Tennessee B team 7-38 . That was the first football meeting between ND-Tennessee. They would later have some freshman games in the 1960's in front of large crowds until finally the varsity teams got together later on.

By the mid 1960's the Irish ran a schedule of Freshmen football games. This lasted until 1972, when Freshmen were once again eligible for the varsity. And with that, freshmen games ended and were replaced by varsity reserve games (now called Junior Varsity-JV). Those JV games lasted into the 80s.

Keywords: junior varsity football, b squad, tennessee, freshmen

Posted On: 2013-02-10 00:15:07 by Olson


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