September 14, 2013 - Coming Back in West Lafayette

It took three touchdowns in three and a half minutes during the fourth quarter, but Notre Dame was able to pull out a victory. Perhaps it was a hangover or let down from the loss at Michigan the week prior, or maybe it was still getting into the groove of the season. Purdue received the ball first and went seventy-five yards to score a touchdown on the opening possession. Meanwhile on Notre Dame's first offensive play, Tommy Rees and Amir Carlisle were busy going for the ball that was snapped over Rees' head.

The first half was filled with offensive miscue after miscue. A pair of three-and-outs, a failed fourth down conversion. Purdue had built a ten point lead before Notre Dame got on the board with a field goal, 45 seconds before the half ended. Prior to the field goal, Cam McDaniel rushed towards the goal line and had his helmet ripped off. Without his helmet, a cut opened on his head and he returned to the sideline with blood dripping down his head.

The Irish came out to open the second half running and gunning, capped by Cam McDaniel scoring a touchdown. McDaniel received four stitches behind his ear at half time and came back without missing a beat. Purdue immediately answered back with a touchdown of their own and once again Notre Dame trailed.

As the fourth quarter opened, Rees found DaVaris Daniels in the end zone on a 9 yard pass. Touchdown #1 at 14:47 to tie the game. The defense forced Purdue to punt immediately and the offense took over at the ND 18. The first play Rees found Daniels streaking down the right sideline and after a completion Daniels fought off the defender with a stiff arm and tip toed his way to an 82 yard touchdown ten seconds later. Touchdown #2 at 12:40 to take the lead. Three Purdue plays later Bennett Jackson would intercept the pass and return if 34 yards for a touchdown. Touchdown #3 at 11:18.

Now leading 31-14, the game stayed interesting. Purdue completed a 48 yard pass to set up a touchdown to trim the lead. On the next Irish play, Amir Carlisle lost a fumble. The defense was able to force a punt following a Purdue personal foul. Notre Dame received the ball with 7:22 left on the clock and after running 11 times in 12 plays, ran out the clock and won the game.

        1  2  3  4   F
#21 ND  0  3  7 21  31
Purdue  7  3  7  7  24

The victory over Purdue would be the sixth in a row. The longest winning streak was 11 in a row from 1986-1996.

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