September 21, 2013 - The Pass Interference Game

It was an ugly game, full of penatlies, but Notre Dame came out on top. Tommy Rees would complete only 41% of his passes (14-34) and there were 18 combined penalties totaling 201 yards. Luckily, the Irish were on the receiving end benefiting from the more costly penalties that kept their drives alive.

Starting with the ball, ND quickly went three-and-out just as they had at Michigan. ND would get the ball again and inside the MSU 30 on 4th down, an unblocked blitzer would force Rees to throw the ball early from the empty set and it would fall incomplete in the end zone. All in all, Rees would start in the empty set 16 times but only have 4 completions from this formation. On the next possession on 3rd and 9, Rees would throw an incomplete pass to Daniels but a defensive holding call kept the drive alive. Once again inside the 30, they made the FG. Brindza's kick would have been good from 55 yards need be. This scoring drive was made possible courtesy of a defensive penalty.

MSU would notch a FG and ND got the ball back. On 3rd and 1 in the empty set, a personal foul on the defense that ripped Rees' helmet off kept the drive alive. The very next 3rd and 8, a pass interference call gave the Irish another first down by way of penalty. Once again in field goal range, special teams would line up but missed the kick. Penalties once again got ND into scoring range.

Two drives later, facing 4th and 1 Rees rolled right and threw to T.J. Jones who was interfered with. First down. Freshman Corey Robinson would catch a 17 yard pass at the 2 yard line. Three plays later, Rees found Jones in the back of the end zone for a touchdown and 10-7 lead going into half. Another scoring opportunity courtesy of MSU penalties.

In the fourth quarter with the score tied 10-10, MSU inexplicably calls a halfback pass after previously running through the Irish defense. Matthias Farley intercepted the pass at the ND 19 and returned it 29 yards to the ND 48. Following the play, MSU was flagged for a late hit and the offense now started at the MSU 37. ND would gain 6 yards and then lose 5 yards. On 3rd down, the pass initially appeared to be intercepted but MSU was flagged for a blatant pass interference. First down. Again, ND would gain 5 yards and then lose 5 yards. On 3rd down, the pass would fall incomplete but MSU was flagged for pass interference. First down and goal. Two plays later, Cam McDaniel would run 7 yards in for the touchdown and the winning score. After catching the ball at the ND 19 and returning it 29 yards, the offense moved the ball 8 yards gaining 45 yards on penalties and two important first downs.

         1 2 3 4   F
    MSU  0 7 3 3  13
#22 ND   3 7 0 7  17

With the victory, Notre Dame has now won 10 home games in a row. A feat last accomplished by head coach Bob Davie from 10/25/1997 - 8/28/1999. The team that ended Davie's streak? Michigan State.

If you are interested in the complete game play-by-play with offensive formation, click below to view. There is also a summary at the end. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Full Play By Play (click to view)

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