December 9, 2013 - A Face Lift

You may notice things look almost the same around here, but yet a bit different. After some on and off work to the back end of the site, we've finally rolled out the updated version of our page layout. Hopefully you will find that the site is now more friendly towards touch devices and a bit easier to navigate. Also since we have quite a bit of information entered in the database now, you can easily see any events that occurred on the current date in the column to the right.

Please take a look around and be sure to let us know if there any pages that don't seem to work quite right. If there are any other suggestions, we are open to them and will try to meet any requests in improving the site.

There are many many more posts queued up, so there will be new posts coming for many more months. Enjoy!


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Posted On: 2013-12-09 00:15:02 by IrishTrpt07


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