January 18, 2014 - The Basilica reopens following renovations

Following the Christmas services, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart closed on December 26, 2013 for a three week renovation project. Today, the Basilica reopens with the Vigil Mass at 5 pm officially reopening for the year.

Part of the renovations included the removal of carpet and laying down of slate tiles. The Basilica was previously renovated in the early 1990s and earlier following the Second Vatican Council. Prior to these renovations, the floor of the Basilica was tiled dating back to its construction. The acoustics were much more resonant with a tiled floor. With the return to tile, the Notre Dame choir and organ pieces will certainly fill the great room.

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Posted On: 2014-01-18 00:15:03 by IrishTrpt07


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