November 28, 1959 - The Final USC Game at ND in November

Joe Kuharich only won 17 games as ND coach - and ended with the only losing record of any ND coach in history. But Joe won 3 of his total 17 victories over USC(and had a winning record vs Troy).

A 4-5 ND team upset #7 USC at ND. FB Gary Gray scored both Irish TDs, and after his second TD, on the following kickoff Gray (playing special teams too) tackled a USC kick returner in the endzone for a safety.

USC scored late in the fourth (if they hadn't scored, Kuharich's record would have included 3 straight shutouts of the Trojans!).


That win took ND to a 5-5 season.

The final two November games at ND: it snowed in '57, and was in the 20s with a 15 mile per hour wind in '59...the Trojans had enough and asked that the series be home and home but with the ND games to be changed to mid season (October) with the USC games remaining as a final game of the season.

While unrelated to the game, below is a video showing some footage from the 1959 season.

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