October 18, 1969 - Did Dewey Clip?

The above was the title of the 1969 ND Football writeup on the '69 USC game. This game (and call) aren't remembered all that well - after all it happened at ND Stadium and ND didn't lose.

With the score tied 14-14 late in the contest, Irish QB Theismann had the ND offense driving towards a winning score. On 3rd and 4 from the USC 30, Theismann took off on a great run all the way to the Trojan 14. Irish first and ten at the 14, except...

There was a flag laying back at the 25. During Joe's run down the left sideline, he had reversed field, cutting back inside Trojan LB Jimmy Gunn - a beautiful move - at the 25. Gunn, trying to stop and reverse his motion in reaction to the great move by Theismann, had his legs slip out from under him and he fell to the turf. Irish TE Dewey Poskon was just zeroing in on blocking Gunn when Jimmy slipped and fell. Poskon, unable to stop fell over the prone Gunn. A flag flew - the call was clipping.

Instead of 1st and ten from the 14, it was 3rd and 14 from the 40 (15 yd penalty from the spot of the foul). Theismann got 9 back on a pass to Gatewood. But with 4th and 5 from the 31, the Irish tried a FG. Scott Hempel's 48 yd field goal attempt hit the crossbar dead center and bounced back toward the field.....Final 14-14.

The ND Scholastic Football Review published a 6 frames montage of Theismann running,cutting back right, Gunn slipping and falling, and Poskon arriving and falling over Gunn.

Ara was quoted after the game: " Gunn slipped just as Dewey went to block him. Dewey landed on top, but that doesn't make it illegal."

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I was there.
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