February 26, 2014 - Mike Brey wins #300 at ND

Mike Brey joined the ranks of Digger Phelps and George Keogan by recording 300 wins at Notre Dame. Notre Dame trailed 22-11 against Georgia Tech but used a 12-3 run at the start of the second half to open up a lead. After a late Georgia Tech surge, the Irish held on to win 65-62 and give Mike Brey his 300th program win. Garrick Sherman would lead all scorers with 21 points.

                1     2     F
G Tech    31  31  62
N Dame   33  32  65

Now the third head coach at Notre Dame to win at least 300 games, Brey looks to move into second all-time within the next season (ideally) or two.

Number of Wins at Notre Dame:

  1. 391-199 (0.663) Digger Phelps
  2. 327-97-1 (0.771) George Keogan
  3. 300-155 (0.659) Mike Brey

While collecting many wins in his 14 seasons at Notre Dame, Brey ranks behind several big program names in winning percentage. It is also likely for Brey to pass Phelps next season and move up the winning percentage ranks as well.

Winning Percentage at Notre Dame:

  1. 0.771 (327-97-1) George Keogan
  2. 0.688 (44-20) Jesse Harper
  3. 0.671 (98-48) Moose Krause
  4. 0.663 (391-199) Digger Phelps
  5. 0.659 (300-155) Mike Brey

Combined with Brey's 99 wins at Delaware, he currently has 399 career wins and is looking for the next win to give him #400.

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Posted On: 2014-03-04 00:15:03 by IrishTrpt07


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