November 27, 1915 - Winning the state of Texas

By mid-November in 1915, Notre Dame had compiled a 5-1 record under Jesse Harper. Most recently, the team pitched their fifth shutout of the season by defeating Creighton 41-0. The early wins came against Alma 32-0, Haskell 34-0, South Dakota 6-0, and Army 7-0. The only loss came against Nebraska when Notre Dame lost by a single point, 20-19. Harper brought the team down to Texas for two games against the University of Texas and Rice Institute.

Before leaving, the team practiced in the snow at Cartier Field. They left campus on Sunday, November 20 via St. Louis and arrived in Austin on Tuesday. Notre Dame defeated Texas 30-7 to complete the 1913 season and the Longhorns were looking for revenge. Playing on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Notre Dame defeated Texas 36-7.

Two days later on Saturday, November 27, Notre Dame kicked off against Rice. Today, it would be unheard of to play two games in three days, but to travel 1,400 miles by train required as many games to be scheduled as possible. As expected, Notre Dame had little trouble with Rice easily winning 55-2. The second team played for most of the game.

Notre Dame returned to South Bend with a final record of 7-1 with a five game winning streak.

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