September 3, 1944 - Notre Dame Monogram Winners at Pearl Harbor

By John P. Hickey, Jr. '69

During World War II, Notre Dame Monogram winners serving in the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor gathered for a photograph. This photo came from the files of John P. Hickey ND 1944/47, my father.

Inscription on back of the photo:
Left to right: Jack Wiethoff Track 43; John Hickey Baseball 44;
Ralph Vinciguerra Basketball 43; Frank Leahy Football 31;
Bob Faught Basketball 44; Ray Brancheau Football 34.

There was no date on the photo. John Hickey served in the Navy Supply Corps at Ford Naval Air Station from May 1944 until May 1946. Frank Leahy was In Pearl Harbor about the same time as Hickey. The gathering for the photo took place on 3 September 1944, based on a letter Bob Faught wrote on September 15 to the Notre Dame Alumnus magazine, which was printed on page thirty-six in December that year:

For more information about each man in the photo, visit the original post here.

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Posted On: 2014-09-03 14:10:21 by John P. Hickey, Jr. '69


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