November 7, 1914 - Army used the forward pass to win

By Olson

The revenge game for the Army after being shocked the prior season.

Eichenlach played only sparingly and did not start for ND.

ND kicked off to Army who advance the ball to the 10. After being stuffed on the first play, Army punted on 2nd down (a strategy commonly used in the day).

ND's Bergman attempted to field the punt but was hit by Cadet End Bob Neyland just as the ball arrived. Bergman fumbled and the ball bounced back to the 15 where Army recovered.

Neyland would later become the legendary Head Coach of Tennessee. UT would eventually name their stadium after him.

Army scored quickly to lead 7-0.

In the 2nd Q Army blocked a Cofall punt and recovered the ball in the endzone for another TD. 14-0 Army.

Army had 14 points on 15 total offensive yards!

ND scored on a long drive led by Cofall in the 3rd Q. 14-7 Army.

In the 4th Army used the forward pass, that ND had basically taught them the year before, to add a final TD. Army 20-7 Final

Future General Omar Bradley was one of 11 substitutes that Army used. ND played 13 players (Eichenlaub being one of the two ND reserves in the game).

Keywords: football, army, ray eichenlach, dutch bergman, stan cofall

Posted On: 2014-09-30 00:15:02 by Olson


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