October 9, 1943 - ND's Second Win Over Michigan Comes from the Longest Quarter

Notre Dame's first win over Michigan came in 1909. When the team was traveling to Ann Arbor in 1910, Fielding Yost would cancel the game by the time the Irish team got to Niles. The two teams would not play for decades as a series of blackballing occurred and Notre Dame was repeatedly denied membership to the Western Conference (now Big Ten). As World War II continued on, Notre Dame and Michigan looked to each other to fill their schedules. Michigan won in 1942 when the teams played in South Bend. Today, the Irish would head up to Ann Arbor for the second game in 43 years.

Heading into this game, Notre Dame was ranked #1 with 53 first place votes. Meanwhile, Michigan was ranked #2 with 36 first place votes. This was a highly anticipated match up for the 1943 season. A record crowd of 85,688 spectators were on hand to watch the contest in person.

Notre Dame easily jumped ahead behind Angelo Bertelli's passing attack that picked apart the Michigan secondary. The game was most notably marked for the malfunctioning clock at Michigan Stadium that caused the third quarter to last 23 minutes. Nine plays into the fourth quarter the timing error was discovered and an announcement came over the public address system stating that two and a half minutes remained in the game. The fourth quarter was therefore shortened to seven minutes. By now, Notre Dame already led 35-6. The only points scored in the final quarter were by Michigan with a 13 yard touchdown pass on the game's final play.

Notre Dame would win the game 35-12 and hold on to the #1 ranking, finishing the season #1 as well for Notre Dame's fourth national championship.

After Notre Dame defeated Michigan in 1909, the two schools would not meet until 1942. Now that ND won again, the two schools would not meet until 1978.

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