April 24, 1987 - The 1987 Drake Relays

The 1987 Drake Relays were a good year for the ND Track and Field team. The 4x1600 relay team won third place (out of 20) with a time of 16:38.07. The splits were:

  • 4:12.6 Nicholas Sparks
  • 4:00.1 Mike O'Connor
  • 4:05.5 Dan Garrett
  • 4:11.8 Ron Markezich

Later in the day, the 4x800 relay team finished 7th out of 16 with a team time of 7:32.34. The splits for this race were:

  • 1:51.1 David Warth
  • 1:51.1 Robert Nobles
  • 1:55.3 Mike Rogan
  • 1:54.9 Nick Sparks

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