February 26, 2015 - Fr. Hesburgh Passes Away

"If you could put one word on your tomb what would it be? I'd say Priest. I think that one word is for me, if there was a center of my existence that's what I'd want it to be. And I pray to God that I not only live as a Priest but die as a Priest."
- Father Theodore Hesburgh

Last evening at the Holy Cross House on campus, Fr. Hesburgh passed away with his brother and sister-in-law by his side. He had been praying he would be able to say mass on his last day on Earth and at 11:30 am he said mass at Holy Cross House. He would pass away twelve hours later at the age of 97. Fr. Hesburgh had been the oldest C.S.C. priest.

Students gathered at the Grotto following the announcement and arranged the candles to spell "TED" while another left a cigar among the racks.

The University is planning a memorial mass in the Basilica, a procession to the Holy Cross Community Cemetery, and a memorial commemoration in the Purcell Pavilion.

While it is too difficult to list every event that is significant from Fr. Hesburgh's life (there are too many of them), here are a select offering of events we have chronicled in the past:

If you have not read Fr. Hesburgh's autobiography, God, Country, Notre Dame, or Travels with Ted & Ned, it would be well worth your time to learn more about the life of a truly humble man.

"You don't come to Notre Dame to learn something. You come to Notre Dame to learn to be somebody. - Fr. Ted

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