September 9, 1957 - Fr. Hesburgh appointed to Commission on Civil Rights

In 1957, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and formed the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. President Eisenhower would appoint Fr. Hesburgh to the six member, bipartisan, independent commission. The six members included:

  • John Stewart Battle - former governor of Virginia
  • Doyle E. Carlton - former governor of Florida
  • John A. Hannah - President of Michigan State University
  • Fr. Theodore Hesburgh - President of University of Notre Dame
  • Robert Storey - Dean of Southern Methodist University Law School
  • Ernest Wilkins - Department of Labor attorney

The commission's first project was to assess voter registration in Montgomery, Alabama. The commission immediately ran into resistance from Judge George C. Wallace who ordered all voter records to be locked up and threatened arrest any commissioners who attempted to retrieve the records. The commission would hear countless testimonies from witnesses who had had their right to vote interfered with.

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