January 4, 2002 - Fr. Hesburgh carries the Olympic Torch

Father Hesburgh carries the Olympic TorchDespite an air temperature of 18 degrees and wind chill of 3, Fr. Hesburgh carried the three and a half pound torch a fifth of a mile at a comfortable jog. He took the torch down Juniper Avenue past the Joyce Center. As the Olympic Torch Relay passed through South Bend en route to Salt Lake City, 34 people carried the torch seven miles.

Other Notre Dame members that carried the torch were:

  • Debbie Brown - co-captain of 1980 Olympic Women's Volleyball team (unfortunately the US boycotted the 1980 Olmypics in Moscow)
  • Mike Franco - staff psychologist with University's counseling center
  • Richard McCloskey '67 - South Bend resident whose daughter Katie perished in the WTC attacks
  • Rex O'Connor '51 J.D.
  • Mary O'Connor '96 - Olympic communications manager for Chevrolet

Other alumni that carried the torch elsewhere during the relay:

  • John T. Conroy Jr. '98 MBA
  • Tim Cordes '98
  • Kevin O'Connor '98 MBA
  • Steven Sitek '90 MBA

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